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New Year’s Eve

Its amazing how time is flying by – especially when it is Wednesday and time to update the blog.

It was only a week ago when I was wishing you all a Happy Christmas. Seven days, several mince pies, lots of chocolate and Christmas pudding later, not to mention a tipple or two, here we are again! Its New Year’s Eve and in about two hours Big Ben will be ringing out the old year and ringing in the new.

Hootenanny and Jules is always a welcome feature in our household and with a glass of bubbly we shall be greeting the New Year in. Its quite surreal watching Hootenanny knowing that it was all pre-recorded a month ago and the beautiful people in it are, at this moment, in their tropical hideouts oblivious to us plebs toasting the festivities.

Tomorrow is when I seriously start getting down to the small business of getting fit for my big challenge ahead. Not that I have neglected it. Even though I have been very generous in the calorific intake department I have done a few rides both outdoors and on my exercise bike.

Today was particularly successful as I managed to enter the 6th on my Wattbike and pedalled away ay high cadence for 5 minutes. Today has given me some encouragement. Tomorrow should be my jogging day and as the weather forecast is good I shall be out hopefully mid-morning.

Last week whilst driving I was listening to a broadcast on BBC radio 5 called “The Mind of a Cyclist” by Victoria Pendleton. It was absolutely fascinating but unfortunately I couldn’t listen to the whole of it as I had arrived at my destination and had to leave the car. Shall try and search for it on the iPlayer. If you can manage to get it do try and listen as I think it is all about how to achieve in life, how to get to the next level when the going gets tough.I am going to need a lot of this type of encouragement in the next few months.

On this note I shall sign off and will see you all next year. Time to Skype family before getting down to Hootenanny with – a glass of bubbly! Happy New Year to all.

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