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The good news is that I have finally broken the back of my “worse than man flu” flu. Most of the symptoms have cleared up apart from a tickly cough which is still lingering on.

I have had great pleasure in deflecting some of my patients off antibiotic requests. It still amazes me as to how many people are still expecting that “miracle” cure for their viral illnesses.

I must admit I have felt guilty on the odd occasion when faced with quite an ill patient when all I could advise them was to just treat the symptoms with paracetamol, increased fluids, rest and steam inhalation. Mind you, we always give people advise as to what to look out for if their symptoms are getting worse and leave that door open for them to return for another assessment.

Even though I only work two days a week – on Thursdays and Fridays, I frequently get requests to do locum work when other people are away. So I was scheduled to work Monday and Tuesday mornings this week. I am glad to say that I was able to do so and thus have maintained my 100% record of never ever having a day off sick in my entire working life! I wonder if there is a gong waiting for me up at the pearly gates!

The real gong that I am after is the one in Milan when I finally crawl over that finishing line at the end of my challenge in September. Talking of which, my training has had a set back over the last two weeks. I did manage to get on my exercise bike on Monday 12 Jan but only managed 20 minutes of zone 1 cycling, and even that made me short of breath. Today, however, I felt stronger and managed 30 minutes and got up to zone 3 in stages. Quite an achievement and amazing what 2 days can do in terms of recovery.

Val unfortunately did get my “worse than man flu” flu and on top of her broken ribs has had a rough time. Even she is on the mend now and I am amazed at her rate of recovery. As I have said to friends in the past this woman is indestructible! At the site of the rib fracture there is a nice little swelling where the callus is forming.

Still on the subject of my challenge I have finally given in to my kids’ advice and opened a Facebook account. I have also linked it to my blog. Not sure how these things work or even if they are going to work so any advise people can give me on this will be appreciated. I used to be on Facebook when it first started but pulled the plug on it as I found it to be a real time waster. Going back on to it today, it looks so different! We shall see how it pans out.

Weather permitting this Sunday will be my first ride out onto the road in a long time. I log my rides on Cyclemeter but friends have mentioned Strava, so that is another new app to master. I tell you it is difficult living in this digital age! Life used to be so simple. But then I am not doing too bad for a 66 year old.

One thing I have noticed is that many people who visit my blog don’t sign up to follow it. This means they are not getting automatic updates every time a new blog is published. A couple of friends have said that they don’t know how to. I think when you are reading this blog you get a button on the bottom right hand corner that says “follow this blog”. If you click on it and enter your email then you get an email back from WordPress asking you to confirm that you want to follow. Apologies in advanced to the youngsters reading this – amazing how some of us old fogeys don’t know simple things on computers!

Next week I hope to bring news of continued recovery in the Singh household and an update on my renewed training. I would also write about Hope and why this challenge is very important for me. Meanwhile if you fancy heading over to my donations page – here is the link:

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  • One of the good things about Facebook is you can join weight loss groups and connect with more like minded people going on that journey!

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