Singh of the Mountains

Cycling challenge

Month: February 2015

Back on track!

Finally after a prolonged unplanned rest I am back on track. I have managed to ride a total of 60 miles over three days. Today was a hard training session. One more ride this week and then off to Sandown Park, London for a 70 mile ride heading towards the North Downs on Sunday 1 […]

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What a recovery week!

Last week was recovery week to allow my damaged body to repair after the previous Sunday’s efforts. A lot of people forget that exercising means taking your body out of its comfort zone and putting it under strain. Inevitably this leads to some cell damage and if you either over-do it or don’t allow for […]

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So far….

In my training schedule I am almost a quarter of the way through. In terms of my intended weight loss of 2 stone (28 pounds to my US followers) I am also a quarter of the way there in that I have lost 7 pounds so far. It is always easy to lose the first […]

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Cancer prevention

Today, 4th Feb 2015, is World Cancer Day. New figures from the latest analysis suggests that half of us, that is every other person reading this, will develop cancer at some stage in their lives. Quite a frightening thought! There is no doubt that the reason behind this is 3 fold: We are all living […]

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