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So far….

In my training schedule I am almost a quarter of the way through. In terms of my intended weight loss of 2 stone (28 pounds to my US followers) I am also a quarter of the way there in that I have lost 7 pounds so far.

It is always easy to lose the first few pounds but thereafter it does get very difficult, but with the challenge that I have set myself I simply don’t have a choice. If I don’t lose that weight my legs simply will not carry me to the top.

In terms of training I had an excellent week. On Sunday I managed to ride the “Big Five” local hills. It was 32 miles on a gloriously sunny day with spring in the air and in my legs. Cycling through stunning and beautiful Charnwood countryside was simply sublime. Dean’s Lane, Warren Hill, Polly Bot’s Lane, Priory Lane and Beacon Hill were climbed with a relative ease which I have never experienced before. I remember when I first cycled up Polly Bot’s Lane all those years ago I had to get off my bike and push!

In my last post I mentioned the importance of exercise in cancer prevention. If you scroll down you can read it again. To this end I was amazed as to how many people that I have talked to do not know this lovely part of our own backyard. It is not just excellent cycling countryside but walking too. So if you get a chance don your walking boots and don’t forget to bring your camera! Remember 20 minutes of brisk walking everyday is the minimum you need to substantially reduce your risk of not only cancer but also the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

I am very grateful to all the sponsors that have donated so far. I have yet to update my offline donations but please keep them coming. Remember that every pound you donate will go towards cancer research in the University Hospitals of Leicester. All the work that Hope Against Cancer is doing is already showing results locally in bringing down rates of cancer, improving survival rates and through its research programme attracting some of the best doctors and nurses to come and work here. Once again the link to my giving page is

Some people have enquired if they can sponsor the old fashioned way. I am going to have sponsorship forms in Charnwood Pharmacy and other places by this weekend. I am happy to come and talk to any local group about my challenge with a promise that I will come back again in the autumn to tell people how it all went. I did mention in an earlier blog that I am hoping to arrange a meeting at Livio’s soon to give a talk and show some slides and also for a local, national and international sporting personality to come along too. Still waiting to finalise the details. If I can’t get hold of the personalty then the talk will go ahead anyway. So watch this space.

Today’s Panorama programme was great viewing – all about DNA profiling of individual cancers and developing drugs to treat each specific cancer. If you missed it I would recommend viewing it on BBC iPlayer. Until next time…

5 thoughts on "So far…."

  • Anne Cooper says:

    You are doing really well Guru with the weight loss and fitness programme keep it up.

  • Neil Russell says:

    I look forward to your blogs Guru. I am familiar with all those hills and it’s the first time I’ve heard them described as the ‘ big five’. Polly Botts is particularly, as you say. stunning and beautiful. Hats of to you Dr Singh.

  • Great to see the effort you are making. If you need any training advice I’m a cyclist and exercise physiologist and live in Shepshed and happy to advise if I can

    • Guru Singh says:

      That will be great. Email me your contact details and I shall get in touch as soon as my wretched cold improves. Thanks for your kind words and support.

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