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Finally after a prolonged unplanned rest I am back on track. I have managed to ride a total of 60 miles over three days. Today was a hard training session. One more ride this week and then off to Sandown Park, London for a 70 mile ride heading towards the North Downs on Sunday 1 March.

What I am really excited about is the following weekend when we have our first ride involving all the participants in Hope’s Italian Job. It should be a good bonding session. More of it next week when I will also bring you news of this Sunday’s ride.

It is lovely to see my blog visited and followed by people from around the world. I have had visitors and many followers from USA, Spain, UAE, India, Pakistan, Australia and Sweden.

Even more heartening is the following on Facebook where some people have already taken up exercising more. There is also some interest in setting up a cycling club in Shepshed.

Now for the really good news. I have so far lost 10lbs and I only have to lose another 18lbs to reach my target. With the intensity of training going up another notch I hope that I will reach my target of 12 stone or 168lbs by September for the Alpine Challenge. The last time I was this weight was when I did my London marathons. With our nephew’s wedding coming up it will be time to dust off one of my old suits!

I will keep this week’s blog short but remind everyone that:

  • The best way to lose weight is to eat sensibly, reduce portions and to stop snacking
  • keep alcohol to sensible levels – but if you consider alcohol to be pure calories why not reduce it to an absolute minimum?
  • regular exercise helps to reduce the risk of many cancers, heart disease and diabetes
  • regular exercise also helps to ward off depression
  • even if you do only 20 minutes of brisk walking everyday it reduces your risk of illness dramatically – not everyone needs to be lycra clad!
  • if you get time go over my previous blogs for inspiration
  • If you want personal advise message me via Facebook.

Finally, the inevitable plug for my fund raising page – remember it is for a very good cause. Every penny you give will go towards defeating cancer. Click on this:

Total raised so far £710. Minimum raise is £1000

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