Singh of the Mountains

Cycling challenge

Month: April 2015

Rutland 78 mile ride.

Last Saturday was the Rutland and East Leicestershire 78 mile Sportive ride. There were hundreds of very keen cyclists taking part along with some Hope’s Italian Job riders who will be in the Geneva to Milan challenge. It was lovely to meet up again with Mark Powell and Claire Wilkinson with whom I rode about […]

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I am going to miss my patients…

Last week I reported that I knocked 17 minutes off my previous time over the hilly route I regularly practice on. This was quite an achievement with my new bike Alfie along with an expert bike fit by Steven Faulkner of Loughborough University Department of Sports Sciences. So this week’s ride was always going to […]

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OBESITY: The Physical, Emotional and Financial Costs

Great article. I would encourage my friends to read and be inspired into action!

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Football (Soccer) tonight!

Excited about going to see Nottingham Forest play Watford at home in the Skybet Championship tonight. Promotion to the Premier League, now out of the question for Nottingham Forest, lets hope it is a good game of football. You may wonder why am I supporting Nottingham Forest when I live in Leicestershire? The answer goes […]

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My injury

Following on from my injury when I fell onto my left hip 10 days ago, I have an interesting update. Importantly the injury has not prevented me from continuing to cycle as you will see further on. At the site of the injury I developed an almighty swelling which is a haematoma (collection of blood). […]

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The Past Week

Some of my followers already know that on my second outing with Alfie I had another tumble, this time resulting in a massive swelling and bruising of the left hip and upper thigh. For those worried I am happy to report that Alfie came out of this unscathed! I am not new to falling off […]

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