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Month: May 2015

A New Approach To Treating Type II Diabetes

If you have been diagnosed with Type2 Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes then you would benefit a lot from this post. It is more than just diet and exercise.

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Back to serious training

After a prolonged rest – part of which was spent in Boston USA, I am back to full training. Whilst in Boston one can’t help feel that the population by and large is very fit and healthy unlike some other parts of USA which one usually associates with epidemic obesity. I think part of the […]

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Shepshed cycling club

I have had a fairly quiet last few days but it’s now back to training again. Having hit a “sweet spot” in cycling terms at the last group ride I am looking forward to up the ante. Having now cut my work down to just one day a week I shall have more time to […]

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WEIGHT LOSS without focusing on weight loss

A very sensible approach to weight loss. I wholeheartedly recommend this post to all my followers….

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Well earned rest.

After last Sunday’s tough hilly ride with the Hope group this is an easy week. Time to do some stretching and core strength exercises. My current weight is 177 pounds – this means my total weight loss since Christmas is 20 pounds. Another 8 to go!  Last Saturday I gave a talk to friends from […]

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United Kingdom at a crossroads – I dare you to read this.

Tomorrow is General Election day in United Kingdom when people will vote to elect their parliament for the next 5 years. My mind goes back to the early eighties when I was part of a group that used to meet weekly in “The Brit” (long gone) for political discourse. It was a congenial group that […]

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