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I have had a fairly quiet last few days but it’s now back to training again. Having hit a “sweet spot” in cycling terms at the last group ride I am looking forward to up the ante. Having now cut my work down to just one day a week I shall have more time to go out training on our Charnwood Hills and may be the occasional drive to the Peak District for longer and harder climbs. 

I am very jealous of some riders from my group who have been out to Majorca and have done the long Sa Colabra climb. It is one of the rides I would love to do one day but for now it is time to concentrate on training for the Alps and to lose some more weight. 

In the meantime I am very grateful for all those who have sponsored me for a seriously important cancer charity – Hope Against Cancer. Many thanks for getting me over the £3000 mark. For those who may consider donating please visit my page on 

Every pound donated goes towards cancer research and with various important ongoing projects it is vital to keep the funds coming. 

The other bit of good news is that the Shepshed Cycling Club plans are progressing. There has been a lot of interest in this. The first ride is planned for Sunday 14 June at 9.30 starting from Shepshed Town Council offices on Charnwood Road opposite Tesco. 

The first ride will be an opportunity to meet fellow riders and go out for a short pleasant ride towards Belton and Melbourne for tea and cake. The stress is on the social aspect and lots of fun. All abilities will be catered for and nobody gets left behind. Depending on the initial interest we will be able to have different ability groups for the future. Couple of early sponsors for this new venture have shown an interest – more details next time.

We also need to decide what to call our new group. One option is to leave it as Shepshed Cycling Club or change it to Shepshed Riders. In the past when I first started riding we often referred ourselves as The Richmond Riders after the Richmond Pub in Shepshed. So that is also an option. I am happy for people to put forward other names and suggestions. 

Anyone reading this wants to join us for our first ride please get in touch via Facebook or email me on

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  • jncthedc says:

    Make sure you warm up (both body temperature and flexibility) before you start pushing for new personal records. Reading about your journey is very exciting. It proves that charitable events benefit recipients as well as participants. Could you imagine how much better this world would be if everyone added just one additional act of kindness to their resume.
    May the wind be at your back and the glycogen storage, plentiful! Ride fast, ride safe.

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