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After a prolonged rest – part of which was spent in Boston USA, I am back to full training. Whilst in Boston one can’t help feel that the population by and large is very fit and healthy unlike some other parts of USA which one usually associates with epidemic obesity.

I think part of the reason behind this is that people generally walk or cycle everywhere, cars being reserved for mainly out of town journeys. It was interesting to see on my phone app that most days we ourselves walked 15,000 steps. The recommended daily is 10,000 steps. We got conscious of the amount of walking we did because of this phone app. Since we have been back home the daily average seems to have dropped back to about 5,000. This is not good enough and we will make sure that we try and keep up with the Bostonians and walk at least 10,000 steps a day!

Modern day phones make all this so easy and possible. I am amazed that more people don’t monitor their daily steps. It is so easy and so healthy. So I hope that people in Shepshed and wherever in the world they are reading this will try and introduce this simple practice into their lives.

What people in Shepshed also have to look forward to is that the Shepshed Cycling Club is beginning to take shape. I have about 20 people already keen to come to the inaugural ride on Sunday 14 June at 9.30am – starting point Town Hall on Charnwood Road opposite to Tesco. We hope to ride out towards Belton and along the Cloud 9 trail which is the old disused railway track to Melbourne for tea and refreshments. This is a scenic and enjoyable route particularly suited for people who have never cycled any meaningful distance in their lives.

In addition to exercise one must’t forget the importance of diet in maintaining good health and prevent obesity, heart disease, diabetes and many cancers. the Mediterranean Diet has long been seen to be very beneficial over the last 30 years or so and new research confirms these benefits and more. I would recommend the following two articles extolling the virtues of this diet which is amazing in its simplicity and perfectly achievable by almost anybody:

Look out for the latest issue of Shepshed Eye for an update on my fund raising. Its sister publications – Coalville Eye and Loughborough Eye have also given my challenge some coverage. My current total is £3194 – friends and followers can donate directly online at

and remember that this is for a very good cause of supporting research into cancer and every pound you give goes directly into research in University Hospitals of Leicester. For more information go directly to and also read the latest newsletter in which my personal challenge is mentioned.

This Sunday is another long ride involving Charnwood Hills and also a loop out to Melbourne and possibly Repton – to try and get at least 60 plus quality miles under the belt!

I shall leave you with two pictures – the first one from Boston Common – a swan nesting and the second one in Plymouth – a dream place with a beautiful garden, a peaceful and heavenly!

Swan nestling in Boston Common - a beautiful site!

Swan nestling in Boston Common – a beautiful sight!

Heaven on Earth (err Plymouth Massachusetts)

Heaven on Earth (err Plymouth Massachusetts)

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  • jncthedc says:

    Welcome to the States! Boston is a beautiful city with a strong sense of fitness. North Carolina (my home town), on the other hand, has a significant obese and overweight population. The Mediterranean Diet is a very healthy and realistic diet to follow as a lifetime nutrition plan. I am working hard to spread the word.

    Technology is helping to motivate improve nutrition and exercise. It becomes a game to measure steps, check Fitbit results, and create accountability. Anything that motivates people to improve the quality of their lives is a great addition.

    Stay strong, pedal fast and enjoy yourself.

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