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A long day in the saddle and some good news.

The rider Reg who was injured in a dramatic high speed descent yesterday is much better. He has two fractured vertebrae and should be out of hospital soon. The fractures are not unstable and there is no damage to the spinal cord.

Today’s ride started off with a very long and tortuous descent. The weather on the top of the mountain was freezing but the skies were clear.

The first part of the descent is on cobbles hence it was a controlled descent with no heroics. Once we got on to the Tarmac after 5 miles, the next 30 miles was exhilarating. The lower down the mountain we came the warmer it got.

The ride itself was very long and tiring – 95 miles with some climbing but not epic.  Many tired legs tonight. So early bed and more tomorrow. 

I am still having problems uploading photos from yesterday and today but the iPad is playing up. 


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