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Our Future, In Or Out Of The EU?

Having been silent for a very long time for which there are many reasons, today I reblog a very good piece by my friend Andrew Sykes. Andrew was one of the people who inspired me to take up my challenge in the Alps and I have a huge amount of respect for him. Please read his piece carefully and particularly explore the links to the Infacts and the Guardian articles. I hope to write my own piece as well but I doubt if I’ll be able to improve on this.

2 thoughts on "Our Future, In Or Out Of The EU?"

  • In times of turmoil, most people believe “change” for the sake of change creates better options. It is not based on reason or understanding; it is based on emotions. It is based on hope and desire. The evidence can be found in the lack of clarity when expressing the REASON for siding with a particular viewpoint.

    We live in complicated times in a complicated world. As crazy as this may sound, this too is NORMAL. Life is cyclical. The rebalancing of our lives stems from a human need to create imbalance.

    Whatever the outcome is, this too will change in time.

    Nice to see you back on wordpress. I hope you have successfully maintained your newly created status of better health and better weight. Please send my best to your wife as well. I hope she has been experiencing only the best in health and happiness too.

    • Guru Singh says:

      Thanks Doctor Jonathan for your kind words. Val is enjoying extremely good health and sends her regards. I have maintained my weight loss and have continued with cycling having completed many sportives. Next challenge is to climb the mighty Mont Ventoux in France in October followed by a cycling break in Mallorca.
      Shall try and put an update at some time. Since I have retired completely I have less and less time available. Before retirement lots of retirees used to say this but it was difficult to understand. Now I do!
      Regarding the referendum I understand your sentiments. Life is cyclical but the current impending imbalance has come too soon. Europe is still recovering from the imbalance of the 1930s. The rise of nationalist feelings is very disturbing.

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