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2 thoughts on "EU Migration: Don’t Believe The Lies"

  • Vivienne Rhodes says:

    Hi Guru,

    How are you and Val? It is so long since we caught up.

    Bill and I have been in continuous motion, it seems, for months, mainly up and down to London to see my mother. Happily she is on an even keel health wise, and has a friend/carer to help her with chores and cooking for a couple of hours a day. However, it’s important that she sees us as often as possible. We are off again in a couple of hours for two nights.

    We are occupied with tinies between times, so our hands are quite full. That is not to say that we have had no time for a holiday! Anyway, that is where the time flies to!

    I read your blog and I must say that having been weighing the pros and cons for some time, the common sense in that has tipped me into the stay camp. I feel that a lot of the Brexit brigade are using that as an outlet for their Xenophobia, and I don’t want to be part of that.

    I hope that Matt and Hannah are happy and well. I follow Matt on Twitter, but I can’t pretend to completely understand the number crunching, figures and me never having seen eye to eye, but I appreciate his considerable talent!

    Dan as always, continues to be stony broke, but we feel his time will come when Gold is made into a film. He is up and down to London for meetings and script -tweaking, but all this has to be woven in to his day job, hence our trips to Buxton! Emmily has a job that she enjoys, working both from home and meetings locally. This is so much better than the faceless and thankless job she had with Google.

    I must go and pack! Just wanted to let you know my reaction to your blog and to see how you are. I will try to leave a comment later today if I can sneak a look at the computer!

    Bill sends best wishes to both of you,

    Viv xx Sent from my iPhone


    • Guru Singh says:

      Lovely to hear from you and pleased that Mum is on an even keel. We are in a similar situation with Joyce. In addition have been to Boston as Hannah is expecting (due in just over 3 weeks) helping them with various bits and bobs. Going again next month for our cuddles!
      Matt is busy with his number crunching as you say can be difficult for us to comprehend but the experts seem to like it.
      Give Dan our love and hope all turns out well for him. Shall look forward to the film when it comes out.
      Will send you an email with more details.

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