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Cycling challenge

A must read by all road users – pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and most importantly motorists.

My local newspaper is the weekly Halifax Courier (it long since lost its prefix ‘Evening’) and the letters page is always a good read. It’s a (mercifully) watered down version of the comments that appear on the paper’s Facebook page (a scary, dark place, frequented by ill-informed people who probably spend much of their lives shouting) but […]

via “The Latest Lycra Doesn’t Make You A Cyclist” v. “I Am A Cyclist And Proud To Be So” —

5 thoughts on "A must read by all road users – pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and most importantly motorists."

  • Stated with honest conviction and factual accuracy. As our population increases and our infrastructure pays the consequences of financial debt (at least in the U.S.), exercise on vehicular roads offers greater challenges.

    There will always be situations that make road cycling dangerous.
    1. Foolish drivers that intentionally drive in close proximation to cyclists not truly understanding these dangerous actions.
    2. Damaged roads (ex. pot holes)
    3. Foolish cyclists that ride parallel instead of in line with each other believing they have as much right to the lane as the vehicle.
    4. Road debris causing flat tires while traveling at high speeds.
    5. Animal (ex. dog) attacks
    6. …..and the list goes on

    Some of these situations can be avoided if people used a little more of their intelligence, however, some of them can’t. To “bash” a well recognized HEALTHY form of exercise as well as an amateur/professional sport does a great disservice. It is my opinion the article was written more for personal publicity than any constructive purpose.

    Thank you for standing up and voicing your opinion.

    • Guru Singh says:

      Very valid points Doctor Jonathan except in the UK with our roads the highway code and British Cycling recommend side by side riding where appropriate as shown by ambassador Chris Boardman in this video:

      • Very interesting. In the U.S. there would be significantly more injuries because drivers assume side by side cyclists are “intentionally” slowing them down. Until cycling safety rules are made publicly available via media sources, there will remain a risk to this lovely sport/activity.

        The roads where I live are so narrow, there are NO SHOULDERS or extra room for “bike lanes.” We ride a minimum of 12″ from the extreme side of the road. This forces the automobile to cross over the lane to pass. Riding on the extreme side of the road produces more cycling accidents. Our population has grown from 7000 to over 70,000 without the construction of new roads. This has created a real danger for our street riders.

  • Guru Singh says:

    It’s interesting in Massachusetts if there is an accident involving a pedestrian or a cyclist it’s always assumed it’s the driver’s fault unless proven otherwise – or so I’ve been told.

  • In North Carolina, cyclists are viewed as DEER! The only difference is, deer hunting is restricted to “deer season, where cyclists are targets year round. It has become so dangerous, I chose to take my riding in doors to maintain the benefits of cycling without the road risks. It will NEVER replace outdoor riding!

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