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About Singh of The Mountains

Having entered the Geneva to Milan Cycle challenge (2015) I decided to set up this blog to motivate myself and to focus on the reason for the challenge – to raise funds for cancer research. In the process I hope to touch upon exercise, weight loss, cancer  prevention and to inspire my community to live healthily. Moving on from there I have continued to cycle and take on other challenges to raise funds for many other causes. My next big challenge in 2017 is to ride up Mont Ventoux three times in one day to raise funds for our local Air Ambulance.

5 thoughts on "About Singh of The Mountains"

  • Tony says:

    HI, and thanks for stopping by my blog and liking something you saw. As a retired old guy who also rides a bike, I applaud your undertaking, Best of luck getting through the mountains

  • jncthedc says:

    It is so nice to see people taking on physical challenges (in your case the bike race) for causes that benefit others. This to me defines the word SUCCESS. I wish you the best {which means (1) not falling during the race, (2) finishing the race positioned well and (3) not falling after the race!)}
    I would also like to thank you for visiting my blog site. I, too, want to help motivate people to learn the skills needed to improve the quality of their lives. I hope you enjoy future postings. Stay healthy and happy.

  • jncthedc says:

    Congratulations. I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogging Award. If you are interested in accepting this award please go to:
    The rules for accepting the award can be found there.

  • Guru Singh says:

    Thanks for the nomination. You are equally inspiring!

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