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Cycling challenge

Author: Guru Singh

The 100,000 Genome Project

Have you ever wondered what happens to your money that you donate for cancer research? By far the vast majority of the money goes into research projects into various cancers – causation, treatment and prevention. Some goes into creating significant resources for cancer care specialists to make sure the best evidence based information is on […]

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Hope Against Cancer

As promised last week I am going to tell you about the charity Hope Against Cancer. I came across Hope when Val was undergoing chemotherapy after her breast cancer. Hope is a Leicestershire based charity, supported by the national charity Cancer Research. The Hope Foundation was launched in 2002 to raise funds for research into […]

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New Year, New Look!

Andrew you are an inspiration! I am looking forward to your next adventure. I would recommend anyone reading this to get both your books. It doesn’t matter if you are training for a challenge, trying to lose weight or just trying to lift yourself out of a dump, Andrew will show you the way forward […]

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New Year’s Eve

Its amazing how time is flying by – especially when it is Wednesday and time to update the blog. It was only a week ago when I was wishing you all a Happy Christmas. Seven days, several mince pies, lots of chocolate and Christmas pudding later, not to mention a tipple or two, here we […]

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Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve. The frenzy of the last few days is over and it is time to settle down peacefully, wrap the presents, sort out the television viewing over the next few days and think of the people who at this time of the year are not in a position to have any celebrations. […]

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Week 1 into my efforts

To say this week has been a disappointment is probably not far from the truth. To start with I have not lost any weight. The answer is that I have really not tried hard enough. After all one doesn’t get calories from thin air! So the snacking has to stop. Someone hide the biscuits please. […]

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What have I signed for?

Recently I got invited to a meeting in Leicester organised by Hope Against Cancer, a Leicester based charity that provides funds for vital research into cancer. It operates within the University Hospitals of Leicester. More about this noble cause later. The meeting was for keen cyclists of varying experience to take part in an organised cycling […]

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