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New Year’s Eve

Its amazing how time is flying by – especially when it is Wednesday and time to update the blog. It was only a week ago when I was wishing you all a Happy Christmas. Seven days, several mince pies, lots of chocolate and Christmas pudding later, not to mention a tipple or two, here we […]

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Week 1 into my efforts

To say this week has been a disappointment is probably not far from the truth. To start with I have not lost any weight. The answer is that I have really not tried hard enough. After all one doesn’t get calories from thin air! So the snacking has to stop. Someone hide the biscuits please. […]

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What have I signed for?

Recently I got invited to a meeting in Leicester organised by Hope Against Cancer, a Leicester based charity that provides funds for vital research into cancer. It operates within theĀ University Hospitals of Leicester. More about this noble cause later. The meeting was for keen cyclists of varying experience to take part in an organised cycling […]

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